Jochen Naaf is an Echo-nominated producer, mixer & writer from Cologne, Germany.

The Studio, Topspin Hangar, is located in the heart of Ehrenfeld, a vibrant part of Cologne inbetween several bars, clubs and creative spaces. Cologne's best bars and live venues "Bumann und Sohn" and "Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld" are just around the corner.

Suited in a house together with bookers, designers, video creatives and other producers it's a hybrid place where Jochen blends electronic sounds with lots of live recordings. Several rooms give different possibilities from very dry to roomy and shoegaze-like recordings. With a bunch of nice people around and space to hang out it’s a light and vibey place.

Jochen believes in honesty and good pop music. He is a producer, mixer and writer who loves working inbetween the fields of Electronic, Pop and Indie. As a multi instrumentalist coming from drums and guitar he recorded his first songs in the parents’ basement with the 4 Track in his early teens. After playing in several bands in his early years, he started his career working an A&R job at EMI Records, but soon went to where the heart is:
writing, producing and mixing music.