Giant Rooks - How Have You Been?

The new Giant Rooks Album "How Have You Been?" is finally out

and hit #1 in the German Album Charts straight away.

Giant Rooks - Fight Club

Maxim - Meine Soldaten goes Platin!

Platin award for "Meine Soldaten".

Fil Bo Riva Modern Melancholia

Giant Rooks Bedroom Exile

Fil Bo Riva

New Single "Running In Circles" out!

Fil Bo Riva Album in the making.

Giant Rooks - Morning Blue

Fil Bo Riva - Young & Free

Die Kerzen - Pferde & Flammen

Bosse - Der Sommer

Der letzte Tanz - Akustikversion

Bosse - Der letzte Tanz

Giant Rooks - Misinterpretations

Giant Rooks - Heat Up

Giant Rooks - What I Know Is All quicksand

Giant Rooks - Watershed

First single from forthcoming album.



Vimes - Where it hurts the most

New Vimes track after a while!


Giant Rooks - King Thinking

Produced / Mixed.

Die Kerzen - Al Pacino


Lina Maly - Warmes Schweigen

Produced / Mixed w/ Sven Ludwig

Giant Rooks - 100mg

First Single from the "Wild Stare EP".


Produced / Mixed.

Lina Maly - Gesicht

Lina Maly - Unterwegs



First Single from upcoming Album "Könnten Augen alles sehen"!

Produced / Mixed w/ Sven Ludwig.

Giant Rooks - Wild Stare

Someone told me it's a german band.


Produced / Mixed.

Bosse Album "Alles ist jetzt" #1

The new Bosse album "Alles ist jetzt" went straight on top of the german album charts.

Bosse - Augen zu Musik an

Produced w/ Tobias Kuhn.


Bosse - Alles ist jetzt

Love this one...


Bloodhype - Romeos

Kickass Video.

Produced / Mixed.

Bloodhype - Wolves

Produced / Mixed.

Sway Clarke - Either Way

Great Colors Show for this track!

Sway is just an incredible artist. no words.

Hop over to Spotify and listen to the original production.

Written & Produced with Sven Ludwig.

Giant Rooks - Mia & Keira (Days To Come)

Giant Rooks - Bright Lies Video

Supercool perfect video for "Bright Lies"...

Hundreds - Un-Unify

New Hundreds single "Un-Unify" comes with a sweet performance.
Additional Production and Mix.

Check out the Album Wilderness.

Giant Rooks - New Estate Video

Here´s the video for New Estate from the EP "New Estate" of the mighty Giant Rooks!

Giant Rooks - New Estate

The young boys of Giant Rooks are releasing their first official EP "New Estate" on Haldern Pop Recordings. Totally love these guys! 

Hundreds - Wilderness

New Hundreds Album "Wilderness" is out.


Hundreds - Spotless

Video for the first single "Spotless" from new Hundreds Album "Wilderness" out November 4th on Embassy of Music!


Lina Maly - Meine Leute

Listen on Spotify

Maxim - Das Bisschen was wir sind

New Maxim Album "Das Bisschen was wir sind" is out via Warner!

Cool to be part of this. The album is deep shit for sure.

Listen here!

Von Nichts


Currently working with the wonderful HUNDREDS on their new album.

Maxim - Willkommen im Club

New Single from Maxim!
Album "Das Bisschen, was wir sind" out 02.09.2016 via Warner.


Vimes - Nights in limbo

The first Vimes Album "Nights in limbo" is now released via Humming/ Rough Trade. Produced & Mixed by Jochen. We put so much work into this heart project! Also, the beautiful vinyls finally arrived. Check it out here:

Vimes - New Track "Tuem"

Here's a new track called "Tuem" right before the Album gets released.
Listen on Soundcloud.

Getting lots of love on Hypemachine already!

Vimes - Mind (Official Video)

Here's the video for "Mind"!

New Vimes Track "Mind"

Check out the first single from "Nights in Limbo" here.



Vimes - Kyra

Here's a first new track from forthcoming Album "Nights in Limbo", called "Kyra".

Listen on Soundcloud

Xul Zolar - Tides

The Tides EP is out!
Beautiful 10" Vinyl.

Have a look here.


Sound of the Cities!

Super Buch!

Cool to be a tiny part of this..
Sound of the Cities

Xul Zolar - Tides

Have a listen to the massive "Tides". Title track of the Band's first EP.

Listen on Soundcloud

Vimes - Ential

Pretty crafty dance performance by Susanna Stecklein here on these melodic textures of Vimes.

Watch on YouTube

Xul Zolar - Ilajaly

Tropic love.

Watch on YouTube

10.000.000 views for Maxim’s "Meine Soldaten".

Congratulations to Maxim for over 10 Mio YouTube views!

Watch on YouTube

Maxim - Alles versucht 2.0

New single & video from Maxim.

Watch on YouTube



Vimes - Celestial

Vimes - Celestial

Listen on Soundcloud